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Australian Securities Exchange

ASX code CTY. Quotes on Country Road securities can be accessed at the ASX website.

Company Details & Registered Office

Country Road Limited
ACN 006 759 182
ABN 78 006 759 182
658 Church Street
Victoria 3121
Telephone: +61 3 9267 1400
Facsimile: +61 3 9267 1300
Email: Please refer to Contact Us Page


Ian Moir - appointed 23 October 1998 (Non-Executive Director and Chairman)
Iain Nairn - appointed 2 October 2012 (Managing Director and CEO)
Norman Thomson - appointed 5 February 2003 (Non-Executive Director)
Paula Disberry - appointed 28 February 2012 (Non-Executive Director)
Zyda Rylands - appointed 2 October 2012 (Non-Executive Director); and
Oliver Kysela - appointed 2 October 2012 (Chief Financial Officer)

Company Secretary

Oliver Kysela
Chief Financial Officer

Share Registry

For all queries regarding shareholdings, including change of address and dividend entitlements, please contact:

The Registrar
Computershare Investor Services Proprietary Limited
Pty Limited
GPO Box 2975
Melbourne, Victoria
Australia 3001

Telephone (Aust): 1300 85 05 05
Telephone (Intl): +61 3 9415 4000
Facsimile (Aust): 03 9473 2500
Facsimile (Intl): +61 3 9473 2555


Woolworths Holding Limited is incorporated in South Africa and is the ultimate parent entity of Country Road Limited.

Woolworths Holdings Limited is an investment holding company and one of the top 100 companies listed on the Johannesburg Securities Exchange. Its core business focus is the provision of retail and financial services to upper and middle income groups mainly in South Africa but also in Africa, Australia and New Zealand.

Woolworths website

Country Road Group

The Country Road Group is one of Australia’s largest specialty fashion retailers with a market leading position in the mid to upper tier of specialty fashion, and operates four great differentiated brands

Women's Clothing, Tote bags, Bath Towels & more signature products | Country Road OnlineWaterfall cardigans, men’s suits, shirts & more signature products | Trenery OnlineWomen’s Clothing & Shoes, Men’s Fashion, Kid’s Clothing | Witchery OnlineDesigner Handbags, Wallets, Clutches & more signature products | Mimco Online

Market Announcements

19/08/2014 Initial Director's Interest Notice
19/08/2014 Final Director's Interest Notice
12/08/2014 Offer period now closed
08/08/2014 Appendix 4E Preliminary Final Report For 52 Weeks Ending 28 June 2014
04/08/2014 Notice of status of conditions
04/08/2014 Suspension from Official Quotation at COB 04/08/2014
28/07/2014 Notice of Compulsory Acquisition
28/07/2014 Ceasing to be a substantial holder
25/07/2014 Change in substantial holding
25/07/2014 WHL declares Offer for Country Road unconditional
21/07/2014 Target's Statement
18/07/2014 Satisfication and waiver of certain conditions
11/07/2014 Dispatch of Bidder's Statement
09/07/2014 Country Road Consents to the Early Dispatch of the Bidder’s Statement
07/07/2014 CRL Receives Bidder’s Statement
07/07/2014 Initial Substantial Shareholder
07/07/2014 Woolworths Bidder's Statement
07/07/2014 CRL ASX Trading Update and Profit Guidance (Unaudited)
30/06/2014 WHL Announcement
24/06/2014 CRL Response to WHL intention to acquire
24/06/2014 WHL advise of intention to acquire shares
20/05/2014 Distribution and Fulfilment Transformation Project
09/05/2014 Presentation
03/02/2014 Half Year Report
16/01/2014 Trading and Profit Update (Unaudited)
10/12/2013 Change of Interest Notice
28/11/2013 Change of Interest Notice
20/11/2013 Trading Update
07/11/2013 Final Interest Notice - David Thomas
07/11/2013 Final Interest Notice - Sophie Holt
07/11/2013 Results of AGM
07/11/2013 CEO’s Address to Shareholders
07/11/2013 Chairman’s Address to Shareholders
28/10/2013 Change of Interest Notice
10/10/2013 Change of Director's Interest Notice - Norman Thomson
30/09/2013 CGR Annual Report 2013
30/09/2013 Notice of AGM and Proxy
24/09/2013 Change of Director's Interest Notice - Ian Moir
24/09/2013 Change of Director's Interest Notice - Paula Disberry
24/09/2013 Change of Director's Interest Notice - Zyda Rylands
23/09/2013 Appointment/Resignation of Directors
13/09/2013 Change of Interest Notice
10/09/2013 Change of Interest Notice
10/09/2013 Change of Interest Notice
10/09/2013 Change of Interest Notice
28/08/2013 Preliminary Final Report
18/07/2013 CRL Trading Update & Profit Guidance (Unaudited): Year ended 29 June 2013
23/04/2013 Change of Director's Interest Notice
21/02/2013 Change of Director's Interest Notice
14/02/2013 Half Year Report
16/01/2013 Trading Update - 6 Months to December 2012 (Unaudited)
15/11/2012 Change of Director's Interest Notice
15/11/2012 Results of Meeting
31/10/2012 Results of Meeting
31/10/2012 Chairman’s Address
30/10/2012 Appointment/Resignation of Company Secretary
25/10/2012 Change in Director's Interest
25/10/2012 Change in Director's Interest
18/10/2012 Notice of Meeting
08/10/2012 Initial Director's Interest Notice
08/10/2012 Initial Director's Interest Notice
02/10/2012 Initial Director's Interest Notice
02/10/2012 ASX Announcement
28/09/2012 NOM and Proxy for the AGM
28/09/2012 Annual Report to Shareholders
12/09/2012 Change of Director’s Interest
12/09/2012 Change of Director’s Interest
05/09/2012 Change of Director’s Interest Paula Disberry
05/09/2012 Change of Director’s Interest Ian Moir
05/09/2012 Change of Directors Interest Notice Norman Thomson
05/09/2012 Completion of Rights Issue
04/09/2012 Change of Director’s Interest Norman Thomson
31/08/2012 Completion of the Rights Issue
24/08/2012 Acceptances Under Entitlement Offer
22/08/2012 Appendix 4E – Full Year Announcement
15/08/12 Rights of Issue Letter to Ineligible Shareholders
15/08/2012 Rights Issue Despatch of Offer Booklet
14/08/2012 Disclosures made by Australian Retail Investments
13/08/2012 Correspondence from Australian Retail Investments
08/08/2012 Clarification of FY 12 PBT Guidance
02/08/2012 Letter to Shareholders
01/08/2012 ASX Announcement
01/08/2012 Investor Presentation
01/08/2012 Cleansing Statement
01/08/2012 Appendix 3B
01/08/2012 Offer Booklet
17/07/2012 Trading Update (unaudited)
29/06/2012 Response to Media Speculation
29/02/2012 Initial Directors Interest Notice
28/02/2012 Appointment of Director
16/02/2012 Half Yearly Report and Accounts
17/01/2012 Half Year Trading Update
17/01/2012 Trading Update

For earlier announcements please refer to the ASX